“Go Global Japan Expo”とは

Go Global Japan Expoは、「経済社会の発展を牽引するグローバル人材育成支援」事業採択42大学を中心に、グローバル人材の育成に積極的に取り組む全国の国公私立大学が参加し、高校生とその保護者を主な対象に、国、大学、高校、一般企業、メディア等の関係者が一堂に会してグローバル人材育成の必要性や取り組みをアピールし、また積極的な情報の共有を狙いとしたイベントです。



第1回Go Global Japan Expo 2013年12月15日(日) 於早稲田大学
第2回Go Global Japan Expo 2014年12月21日(日)予定 於関西学院大学

What is the “Go Global Japan Expo”?

The “Go Global Japan Expo” centers on the 42 universities nationwide that have adopted the program of Go Global Japan. Participants are national and private universities across Japan, which are actively carrying out initiatives for fostering global human resources. The Expo primarily targets high-school students and their parents, and is also open to relevant persons from the government, universities, high schools, private corporations and the media, etc. It aims to promote the need to foster global human resources and initiatives thereof, and to facilitate the active sharing of information.

Activities include lectures by prominent persons active on the global stage, panel discussions including high-school and university students and working adults, consultation booths held by participating universities for offering direct advice on university enrollment and study abroad opportunities, presentations on the various initiatives run by each university, and workshops open to both high-school students and university students.

We hope this expo will provide participating students with the opportunity to see, listen and experience first hand information that will provide hints on their future of university enrollment, studying abroad and job hunting.

First Go Global Japan Expo December 15, 2013 (Sunday) at Waseda Univeristy
Second Go Global Japan Expo December 21, 2013 (Sunday) (tentative)at Kwansei Gakuin University